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Kom&Co.Design will be showing new work during the Milan International Design Furniture Fair from April 12th until 16th.

Dynamic design from west to east
Italian and Japanese design meet at Milan Design Week 2011

A mobile accessories new brand「JUNIJUNI」
Having been engaged in the design direction of mobile phones, Kom&Co.Design has set up a mobile accessories brand.
Concept models of Japan’s new mobile accessories brand JUNIJUNI’s line-up will be exhibited during Milan Design Week 2011.
Kom&Co.Design has been involved from the brand’s planning/development all the way to its product design.

JUNI in Japanese means 12. Pronounced twice to achieve 12 + 12 Arriving at the 24hours, or 12 JUNI plus 12 JUNI Inseparable in one’s 24 hour day – as the mobile phones have become integrated to our everyday, all day life. Therefore joined in harmony 24 hours a days with the unique JUNIJUNI accessories.

JUNIJUNI is the brand that symbolizes the new generation of accessories for today’s mobile.
A complete collection of products that stimulates the desire, appealing to the sense of good taste, excluding the boundaries of age, sex or race. A global brand that delivers joy and happiness to all throughout the world, this is the will and wishes of JUNIJUNI.

A new line-up will be introduced for Italy’s leading laptop bags/computer-related accessories brand TUCANO.
Concept models of their new line-up “YELLOW LINE” designed by Kom&Co.Design’s Makoto Migita will be exhibited during Milan Design Week 2011.
TUCANO and Kom&Co.Design have worked together to promote a new global standard in hope to enhance computer lifestyle and to make it smarter by adding YELLOW LINE to TUCANO’s existing products as their higher-end line-up.

Dynamic design from west to east
Italian and Japanese design meet at Milan Design Week 2011
JUNIJUNI/ TUCANO ospita Kom&Co. -YELLOW LINE COLLECTION-12 – 16 April 2011
Opening hours:9:30~19:30
Location:Showroom Tucano /Piazzale Cadorna, 4, 20120, Milan, Italy
Cocktail:14 April 19:00~22:00

Kom&Co.Design corp.
2-3-11-4F, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,150-0002
Tel:03-5766-2166 Fax:03-5766-2167

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